Other Workflow Solution

Other Workflow Solution

TRUST Profiler

Color management
High-precision, cloud-based color management between devices

Gaining the trust of your clients and building a solid business relationship requires rigorous standardization and quality control of colors.
This applies to every aspect of the printing process, from page proofing and small lot printing on toner-based POD systems to imposition proofing on inkjet systems and high-volume production on offset systems. TRUST Profiler color management system is able to compare color measurement results with any standardized color space defined by your company and identify any differences. If these variations exceed your predefined allowable ranges, TRUST Profiler can easily recreate the ICC profile.
As a cloud-based service, TRUST Profiler can immediately verify color management and reproduction operations across any number of locations.* For you, this means more efficient quality management and better color reproduction, and of course satisfied clients who trust your company.
* Individual licenses are required for each location.

Spekta/Spekta 2

Hybrid AM/FM screening
Revolutionary screening method for the digital age

SCREEN is proud to introduce SPEKTA, a new hybrid technology and the future of screening new hybrid technology and the future of screening in the digital age. SPEKTA provides dramatically increased print quality without any loss of productivity, and without the need to change from conventional 175 lpi print conditions. Output thermal platesetters, ordinally 2,400 dpi SPEKTA screenings achieve the same quality of exactly of extremely high frequency screens. This is made posible by combining the strengths of both AM and FM screening methods.

LabProof SE

Color Proofing System
Realistic proofs from an inkjet printer

LabProof SE uses measured color chart data and industry-standard ICC profiles to provide a highly reliable color proofing environment. It features a high-precision automated color adjustment function that performs color matching equivalent to that of an operator with advanced skills and experience. In addition, LabProof SE is convenient to use, since it can be controlled from a networked PC. LabProof SE makes it possible to create proofs that are remarkably similar to the targeted printed product in a wide variety of printing environments.